Films in PDX: Jan. 15th – Jan. 22nd

14 01 2009

This is a fairly light week for film in Portland.  However…



A BRAND NEW 35MM FILM PRINT OF PIERROT LE FOU (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1967) opens Friday and plays for one week at The Clinton Street Theater.  This was Godard and Karina’s last collaboration together and the film vibrates with gorgeous primary colors.  
Pierrot Le Fou Trailer

If you are wanting to learn just what great cinema art can do, by all means do not miss this screening.  
PIERROT LE FOU plays nightly starting Friday.  NO SCREENINGS MONDAY.  Plays at 7pm.  Tickets are $6 except on Tuesdays it’s only FOUR BUCKS!  
The reason there is no screening Monday is because The Clinton Street Theater will be presenting a very special screening of KING: A FILMED RECORD – FROM MONTGOMERY TO MEMPHIS (Sidney Lumet/Joseph Mankiewicz, U.S., 1970) Compiled from vintage newsreels, this film shows Rev. King – not as a saint – but as a compassionate man. Most of his great speeches are featured – including an uncut version of his historic “I Have a Dream” speech – given in Washington D.C. The documentary also features powerful and rare film of marches and civil rights demonstrations. Recommended for those who seek an insight to the man behind the dream. KING was selected to be part of the Library of Congress Film Registry and screens Monday only at 7pm and 9:15pm.
*     *     *     *
Some good second run fare at The Hollywood Theatre this week. 

I’VE LOVED YOU SO LONG (Philippe Claudel, France, 2008) starring Kristen Scott Thomas opens on Friday.
I’ve Loved You So Long Trailer

RACHEL GETTING MARRIED (Jonathan Demme, U.S., 2008) starring Anne Hathaway continues for another week.
Rachel Getting Married Trailer

SYNEDOCHE, NEW YORK (Charles Kaufman, U.S., 2008) with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener and Michelle Williams continues its run.
Synedoche, New York Trailer

WENDY AND LUCY (Kelly Reichardt, U.S., 2008) with Michelle Williams plays for one more week.  
Wendy and Lucy Trailer

That’s FOUR really great films of 2008.  Tickets on Mondays is only FOUR BUCKS.  STAY ALL DAY!
*     *     *     *
On Wednesday, January 21, The Northwest Film Center is playing THE PLANETS BY GUSTAV HOLST (Ken Russell, U.K., 1983), which doubles with one of the best films of 2008, THE SILENCE BEFORE BACH (Pere Portabella, Spain, 2008).  “Through a series of vignettes, Portabella uses the works of J.S. Bach to look at the deep relationship between image and music throughout the centuries. In one scene of this provocative narrative-free mÉlange, a player piano plunks out the ‘Goldberg Variations’ while moving itself around an empty loft; in another, Felix Mendelssohn rediscovers the manuscript of the ‘St. Matthew Passion’ wrapped around meat at a market. A wildly unconventional film for the Bach lover.”  
THE SILENCE BEFORE BACH plays Wednesday only at 8pm at The Whitsell Auditorium. 
*     *     *     *
Saturday at The Bagdad is Johnny Depp, super saucy Amy Locane, Iggy Pop, Ricki Lake, once underaged porn star Traci Lords, Troy Donahue, Mink Stole, Warhol veteran Joe Dallesandro, Joey Heatherton, Willem Dafoe, Mary Vivian Pearce and terrorist Patty Hearst in CRY BABY (John Waters, U.S., 1990)!
For those of you who love yerselves some John Waters, don’t miss this one!  CRY BABY plays Saturday night ONLY at The Bagdad at 11pm!!!  Tickets are only THREE BUCKS!
Cry Baby Trailer

*     *     *     *
If you hadn’t read in the news, Sally Hawkins beat Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson and Frances McDormand for a Best Actress Golden Globe for her performance in HAPPY GO LUCKY which plays for another week at The Laurelhurst!  Showtimes are 7:20pm with Saturday and Sunday matinee screenings at 1:20pm.  Tickets are only THREE BUCKS (“Now that’s what I call a BARGAIN”)!  If you haven’t seen it, GO!  I personally can’t stop watching it and am totally addicted to all the many levels of Hawkins’ character.  Flaws and all HAPPY GO LUCKY is my favorite film of 2008.
Sally Hawkins Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

*     *     *     *
Which reminds me…
It’s time for the PDXFilm Best of 2008!
I’ve divided my list into two parts:  The fifteen best new films which came out in 2008 and the best repertory films that played in Portland last year.  Going over the list of repertory films which played last year was exhausting as there were nearly 300 films!  I omitted films from my list which get commonly programmed such as Eraserhead, Harold & Maude, The Exorcist, Pink Flamingos, 400 Blows, Singin’ In the Rain, which are all incredible films that deserve to be played annually.  But my focus was more on special films which are rarely programmed and rarely seen.  
I hope you enjoy the list and there may be a handful which haven’t yet played in Portland but will play in the next few months. 










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