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3 05 2009

Alright, so my enthusiasm for cinema can’t be contained so I’m writing another (quick) entry despite my attempt to retire this blog.

In the past, I’ve reported that The Criterion Collection and have combined forces to create a monthly online free film festival, and they have been rather uneven in quality.  But this month’s festival is truly great and all films are highly recommended.

Click HERE for’s free online film festival. 

auteurs doc fest


Additionally, is offering a free screening of Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s CLIMATES (Turkey, 2006).  If you’re unfamiliar with his films, his work is minimal on dialogue and editing, high on mise en scene.  CLIMATES was nominated for the Golden Palm and won the FIPRESCI Prize at Cannes.  This is a very nice gift from so check it out!

Click HERE to watch CLIMATES for free!

Climates at

And as for Portland screenings, do not miss this rare opportunity to see the films of experimental film pioneer Bruce Conner at The Northwest Film Center this coming Tuesday at 7pm presented by the Bruce Conner Family Trust.

There’s other great stuff playing around town, like the Jim Henson retrospective, but the Bruce Conner screening is the one really worth mentioning.








2 responses

4 05 2009

Thanks for this!!!

5 05 2009

well, gee! thanks for looking at my little blog! You guys are really starting to do some amazing stuff! So thanks for the free screening of Climates!!!


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