SALE! All Criterion DVD Titles 50% OFF!

24 07 2009

First off, sorry about the absence but I had a life changing experience and so haven’t been near a computer for a while.  I’ve seen some great films along the way, which I’ll write about properly in a later posting, but you gotta tell all your cinephile friends about this:

Always wanted that BRAZIL box set with all three versions of the film?  Or THE ADVENTURES OF ANTOINE DOINEL by Truffaut?  Or the complete masterwork of BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ?  Or even the 50 DVD set of THE ESSENTIAL ART HOUSE: 50 YEARS OF JANUS FILMS?

Barnes & Noble’s website through August 2nd is having a sale on ALL Criterion titles.  ALL Criterion titles are 50% off!!!  That is unheard of by any standard!  And this includes this week’s release of two Godard films which have never been available on DVD, MADE IN U.S.A. and 2 OR 3 THINGS I KNOW ABOUT HER!

And yes!  This even includes all the Eclipse box sets like the brilliantly delirious films of William Klein, the early documentaries by Louis Malle, the first films of Sam Fuller, Lubitsch’s bawdy musical box set and many more!  All HALF OFF!  WOW!

Start by going to Criterion’s website, browse all their titles in print, make yerself a list and then go to Barnes & Noble’s site.  Hurry!  Sale ends 8/02!

If you’ve ever wanted to start an essential art house cinema DVD collection, now is the time!